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FitGa is the perfect balance you've been searching for! Combining Fitness and Yoga to take your body and life to a higher level. FitGa is the marriage of Fitness and Yoga!

lorena standing front 167x250After many years of only fitness strength training and cardio machines which took so much time and effort and only lead to tight sore muscles and ultimately injuries I discovered yoga!

Yoga brought my body back to a perfect state of health. So it wasn't until I started to fully train again that I realized that something was different this time and that something was that I was now combining both yoga and training and the results spoke for themselves! It took the body to the next level and in half the time.

The combination of fitness and yoga is that ultimate way to bring balance to your body, mind and life! Both practices only compliments the other helping you achieve your goals in shorter periods of time! FitGa's training style isn't your typical "personal training" it's always different to keep it fun and interesting for you and your body! Each session is completely customized and specifically tailored to each clients specific needs, wants and goals.

We even provide our clients with customized nutrition plans to help them achieve their goals.  Enjoy browsing through our website.  Contact us to start your Fitga experience today.


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